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Plant and Tree Description

#1 One-Gallon-Container

#2 Two-Gallon-Container

#3 Threee-Gallon-Container

#5 Five-Gallon-Container

#7 Seven-Gallon-Container

#15 Fifteen-Gallon-Container

1yr. First Year Growth

2yr. Second Year Growth

Br. Branched Growth

Cal. Caliper

Hvy. Heavy Branched Growth

Lt. Light Branched Growth

Tr. Transplanted

R.C. Rooted Cutting First Year

R.C. 2yr. - Rooted Cutting Second Year

S. Seedling First Year Growth

Sg. - Single Plant or Tree

W. Whip no Branched Growth

Hvy. Br. - Heavy Large Branched Growth

Lt. Br. - Medium Branched Growth

W. Lt. Br. - Whip with Light Small Branched Growth

Br. Standard - Medium Branched Uniform Shaped Growth

Br. Premium - Well Branched Uniform Shaped Growth

Note: Abbreviations, which is fully subjective to the seller and buyer, may or may not fully and accurately describe each plant advertised.
Although, we do try to accurately list our liners for our customer for further descriptions contact us. Further, we do offer free samples of our liners.