Bottoms Brothers Nursery
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Terms & Conditions
Although not a restriction of sale, please keep all orders to a minimum of $150.00 US dollars. Further, we do request a 20% down payment for all orders that are booked prior to harvesting and/or shipping with no established credit and balance paid prior or at time of shipping. Although we encourage our customers to pick up their orders, all other orders are shipped either by UPS, FedEx, or Freight. Payments are accepted C.O.D. certified check debit/credit card.(See Shipping)
-Guarantee & Limitations on Liability-
Plants travel at buyers risk and expenses. All sales are made with the understanding that we shall not be liable for shortages in event of crop loss or damage of causes over which we have no control. We cannot guarantee plants to grow because we have no control over the plants after the plants leave the nursery. If any of our plants reach you that are not in good viable conditions, we expect to be notified immediately upon the receipt of goods. All nursery stock is sold subject to the standard no warranty clause; "we give no warranty expressed or implied, as to the description, productiveness, or any other matter, of any nursery stock we sell. We shall in no case be liable for any sum greater than the amount originally received for any nursery stock.
We charge for packing materials at our cost. Unless specified be the customer we will package and ship by the best method we deem necessary. Further, we will ship all bare root trees and plants UPS or FedEx in card board containers. For container or bare root grown starter liners that are too large for boxing we can arrange truck and trailer lot shipment anywhere in the United States. When ordering please allow for handling, packaging, and shipping costs. Further, we encourage our customers to personally pick up and receive their nursery stock at our nursery. If there is not enough space for your order when we load your truck you cannot cancel the balance of your order because the order has been dug and prepared especially for you our customer. We are not liable for damaged goods in transit. Please allow a minimum of two weeks for shipment
-Receiving and Acceptance-
Remember, nursery stock is a perishable item. All nursery stock should be unloaded and unpacked immediately and inspected on arrival and placed in proper storage and maintained until planting. If any problems arise with the condition or quality or quantity of nursery stock upon received it should be brought to our attention immediately. If you should reject your shipment of nursery stock at time of delivery, we must be notified within 24 hours of delivery. Further, all nursery stock that is rejected must be shipped to us at your cost and convenience within 48 hours of the rejected delivery. This is to insure plants integrity.
-Bundling & Grading-
All orders are bundled and shipped according to size.
  100 6"   25 3'  
  50 12"   10 4'  
  50 18"   10 5'  
  25 2'   5 6'  
-Handling Charges-
All boxes and packing materials are charged to the customer at our cost.
Courier Shipping Box Size Charges
Freight Box 72" x  24" x  30" $50.00
Freight Box 96" x  24" x  24" $60.00
Freight Box 108" x  24" x  24" $65.00
UPS Box 24" x  16" x  10" $15.00
UPS Box 48" x  06" x  06" $12.50
UPS Box 48" x  13" x  13" $12.50
UPS Box 58" x  11" x  11" $20.00
UPS Box 58" x  16" x  16" $22.50
UPS Box 72" x  13" x  13" $22.50
All orders are dug special for our customers; therefore, all cancellations must be submitted in writing 90 days before pick up of ship date.
-Special Request-
We welcome your bid lists and special request. We have several items, which may not be listed, some of which are available in selected sizes or quantities. Please feel free to inquire about all your planting needs. Further, seed collectors, we are a buyer of native tree seeds if you are interested in selling any species tree seeds listed or otherwise please contacts us.
We are not responsible for typo errors. Although, we try to keep an accurate, consistent, and compatible account of both our online and hardcopy paper catalog. Our online catalog may vary to our hardcopy paper catalog some items may be available or listed online versus our hardcopy paper catalog. Please note, inventory varies in availability, quantity, height, caliper, and price within the current season and from one harvesting season to another.